Light Sport Aircraft Proposal

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Icon Aviation Raised $100 Million on a Start Up Company. This Plane is the Hottest Thing to Hit Aviation Since the Wright Brothers.

Folding wings and futuristic design.

Amphibious with retractable wheels lower and land on land.


Simple to read and understand like your auto.


Optional for safety in case of emergency.

Our Project:

Avid Aircraft - A Proven Concept with thousands of aircraft in the air.

Jim tomache and his wife Kim were the original owners of AVID Aircraft, Which he shut down after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. Tomache moved his manufacturing operation into containers and mothballed the entire operation. Now, today, we are obtaining ownership of all
of AVID Aircraft's equipment
and 95% ownership of the company. The Tomaches will own 5%, and will reside in Leesburg, FL for at least one year to oversee the structuring of the monitored takeover. We hope to make an initial public offering as soon as the seven models are in production.
Robert Keefe
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Avid Aircraft Models




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